Top 100 Tableau Interview Questions

The practice of data visualization is becoming crucial to bridge the gap between the human and a machine to mediate analytical insight in a productive way.
Almost 50% among fortune 500 companies have started using Tableau. So the demand for skilled tableau professionals has been increasing over the years. So, if you wish to start your career in data visualization, then learn the Tableau certification course from Mindmajix is the right platform, to begin with. 
We have compiled here Frequently asked Tableau Interview Questions and Answers. The questions presented in this blog are collected based on the opinion of tableau experts.
To make it easy and understandable format, we have divided these questions into three categories such as Basic, Experienced and Real-time.
Tableau Interview Questions and Answers - Basic Level

 1. What is TABLEAU?

Ans: Tableau is the powerful and fastest visualizing tool which is used in the Business Intelligence(BI) Industry. It simplifies the raw data into an understandable format. Analysis of the data becomes faster with Tableau. The visualizations can be created in the form of dashboards. The visualizations or diagrammatic representation of data can easily be understood by the employees of the organizations who are at different levels. 

2. What are the file size limitations with Tableau?

Ans: In Tableau, there are no limitations with the file sizes. And moreover, there is no row or column limit to import the data.

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